H2O Divers' team of experienced Instructors have been diving in Dahab and around the world for over 25 years.

H2O Divers Dahab is a:
that offers a range of PADI, TDI, AIDA courses, with Trimix & Nitrox blending facilities on site.

Alex Heyes

Management & PADI Master Inst
TDI Deco Procedures Instructor
EFR Instructor Trainer

Alex started diving when she was 12, becoming a Master Scuba Diver at 16. After University, she ditched the 9-5 for a Divemaster Internship back in England. She's dived in the Mediterranean, Indonesia England and Caribbean and finally settled in Dahab after touring the Red Sea. She's now: a PADI Master Instructor, can teach 22 Specialties, EFR Instructor Trainer, DSAT Gas Blender Instructor and a TDI Decompression Procedures Instructor. She's also a TDI Advanced Trimix Diver, AIDA 2* Freediver and an Apeks Service Technician

Tricia Gifford

Management & PADI MSDT
EFR Instructor
Aqualung Service Technician

Tricia came to H2O in 2014 to start her diving adventure. After Advanced, Deep and Nitrox and a month of diving, she went off travelling for another two years. The Dahab bug was too much to resist and she came back in 2016 with the intent of just doing Rescue and to leave a month later.. we all know how that goes ;) 3 months later, Divemaster done - again she left to travel and dive elsewhere. A short-lived adventure, Tricia returned to Dahab to do her IDC and became Master Scuba Diver Trainer shortly after. In a previous life she was a Music teacher and Accountant - skills from both past careers transferable to being an awesome diving instructor

Frank Vahrenhorst

TDI Extended Range
Aqualung Service Technician

Frank hails from the Netherlands and previously lived in South Africa where he first learnt to dive back in 1993. Previously he worked as a Commercial Diver, until his calling back to scuba diving beckoned. He worked for a large dive centre in Turkey as a Divemaster until he came to Dahab in 2008 and finally did his IDC. Speaking Dutch, German and English his enthusiasm for diving shines through in either language.

Shrif Elkolaly

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Emergency First Response Instructor

Shrif has one of the biggest smiles in Dahab! He is one of the most experienced dive guides around being in Dahab since 2005. His love and passion for the underwater world is infectious; always ready to talk about what he spotted on the dive. Diving is certainly not just a job to him and he's looking to taking you on your next dive.

Dominic Gibbings

PADI Course Director
EFR Instructor Trainer
TDI Extended Range

Dom came to Dahab in 2004 to do his Divemaster and is now the highest rated instructor in the PADI system - he is able to conduct PADI Instructor courses (IDCs) He is very passionate about diving and teaching from Open Water courses to Instructor courses

Jaimie Browne

TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor
TDI Advanced Gas Blender

Jaimie is our resident TDI Instructor at H2O Technical. He retired from the army and came to live in Dahab in '09 where he discovered his love for tec diving after happily diving on a single tank for years before. He'll spend time talking all things tec with you and tailor-make your tec week. He was the deepest support diver for the latest 332.35 World Record Dive.

Brian Crossland

AIDA Instructor Trainer
PADI Freedive Master Instructor
TDI Deco Procedures

Brian is an experienced AIDA Master Freediver Instructor who has trained for Deeperblue when he was living back in the UK. He is an Engineer by trade and very experienced in training people, not just in freediving, having trained over 700 people in different quality improvement techniques. He understands that different students have different learning styles and will try to coach and mentor you to the style that will help you develop your full potential.

Steve Hanson

TDI Extended Range
AIDA Freediver

Steve as been a PADI Instructor since 1999 and moved to Dahab the year after. He has over 5000 dives in varying countries such as: Malawi, South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Belize, Honduras, Cuba, Mexico and obviously – Egypt! He has taught hundreds of students since his time in Dahab, so whether you're a complete beginner or experienced diver, he surely has some words of wisdom to impart on you!

Mohamed Reda

Accountant Extraordinaire
Emergency First Response

Mohamed, or 'Momo' as he's affectionately known is H2O's back office accountant. He has a vast amount knowledge about everything... and anything. Super helpful also, he will assist you to the best of his ability whenever he can.

Ibrahim Gebril

PADI Rescue Diver
TDI Gas Blender

Ibrahim is an integral cog in the H2O Divers Dahab machine. He looks after your air, nitrox & trimix fills; will helpfully pull the trolley to our local Lighthouse & Mashraba dive sites, assist you with your kit and even carry tanks in the water for you if you have any special difficulties. He'll welcome you in the morning & help load the car. When we're off for the days diving, he'll be looking after the equipment and changing any pesky o-rings.


H2O Dive Centre is located in the middle of Masbat Bay, the main pedestrian strip of Dahab, and close-by to 3 beautiful dive sites. The dive centre is surrounded by lots of restaurants, shops and bars to hang out. There is a little beach just in front where you can take a dip or enjoy the stunning and very peaceful view over the Gulf of Aqaba and the Saudi mountains.