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to see his flat mate. Bada-boom! OK, by ‘hedgehog’ I mean ‘sea urchin’ and by ‘road’ I mean ‘reef’. There is no punch line to that however. But Urchin is the Middle English term for Hedgehog so it links nicely in to my blog about sea urchins. Despite being black and spiky, these animals aren’t

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(.. aka Ras Abu Gallum trips) you’re taken back decades in time. Ras Abu Gallum is north of Dahab’s famous Blue Hole diving site and is a gem of a place to visit. I almost don’t want to tell you about this, there are only a handful of Dahab’s divers that go on this trip


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is a delightful decision for your next diving dream – and we’re not the only ones who think so! A popular blogger for Scuba Diver Life, Trevor Sanford wrote the following: Dahab is one of my favorite dive destinations, and for good reason. This small resort town on the Sinai Peninsula is named for the

The majority of out of gas situations are due to inadequate gas management skills as opposed to equipment malfunction. Far too many times, I have seen divers come out from a dive and not have a clue how much air they have left. They rely too much on the guide to ask when they have


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One of the rules I’m sure you’ve all heard of is “do your deepest dive of the day first” I certainly have, and have also certainly passed it on to my students back in the earlier days. As with anything, diving is subject to more scientific studies and later down the years: the Smithsonian’s Michael

2014 WRAP UP

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It’s been quite a year here at H2O Divers. Most of Dahab thought we were out of the woods tourism-wise at the beginning of the year; then in February there was the unfortunate incident in Taba. Now, as minimal the casualties were, that didn’t stop the media from blowing everything out of proportion. As per,

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