2014 WRAP UP

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It’s been quite a year here at H2O Divers. Most of Dahab thought we were out of the woods tourism-wise at the beginning of the year; then in February there was the unfortunate incident in Taba. Now, as minimal the casualties were, that didn’t stop the media from blowing everything out of proportion. As per, they reported Sinai to be some all out war-ground. I grant you, North Sinai isn’t up there on my places to visit list but that’s been the case for nigh-on 30 years. We are circa 800 kilometres from all of that, but that didn’t stop the media making out like we were all in the same place and we were all walking around in bullet-proof vests. If it was really that unsafe here, would we expats still be living here?
Regardless of which, we cracked on with it. Next thing we knew, we were preparing for what was to be the diving industries most historic event to date; probably why summer whooshed past quicker than the speed of light. If we didn’t before, all of us involved in the Guinness World Record event certainly understood what the phrase “emotional rollercoaster” meant by the time September 19th came around. Most of us naively thought that it was just another deep dive, it cannot be that complicated. Oh, how wrong we were. Most Fridays were taken up with training dives, which consequently meant Saturdays were off the cards. Equally from Wednesday onwards there was much planning, blending, organising et cetera to be done. That left Sunday to Tuesday to get sponsorship sorted. Thankfully, Dahabians pulled together and different people’s backgrounds in varying careers meshed together perfectly to make the 332.35m record dive by Egyptian hero, Ahmed Gabr.
JetAirFly.com from Brussels to Sharm el Sheikh have opened their route again and until March at least, their flights are around 180€. Easyjet have prices starting at 50€ from the UK so get booking for some winter sun and diving! Incidentally by “winter sun” we mean temperatures of around 20°C during the day and water temperature lowering to 21°C (the coldest temp in the water since the five years I’ve been here)
I’ll round up with a massive thank you to all of our divers, those of you on their 4th/5th/6th trips here since we opened Oct ’11 and to all you new diver-friends. The amount of returning divers we have is fantastic, it’s nice to know we’re doing things right! We hope you have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and see you in 2015.

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