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We are VERY excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with leading liveaboard experts Blue o Two and can now offer liveboards here in the Red Sea We’re starting off with itineraries from Hurghada or Port Ghalib (to make it easier for all you guys with direct flights… and yet ironically more difficult for us


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It’s not cheating if I get someone else to write a blog.. is it?! Oh well, over to Lee: At time of writing the UK government still has a blanket ban on direct flights to Sharm and for no good reason that I can think of This has had impact on Egyptian tourism and stopped

2016 WRAP-UP

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I was doing really well with blogs last year but-one… and miserably failed in 2016. I’m sure all y’all are gutted. Well – they are back so buckle-up. We’ve had some changes over 2016 – people have come in to our little #H2OFamily and some have left. Oli moved to the Cayman Islands earlier in


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We get many people wanting to rent an underwater camera and it’s understandable; divers want a memento of their underwater experiences and pretty fish. The trouble is, underwater photography is not as clear cut as taking a selfie with the latest smart phone. You need to have brilliant buoyancy control and good air management, otherwise

People often mistake these fish for a Seahorse which they can’t be blamed for – they do belong to the same family and they have similar characteristics. They are long and thin… just like a pipe funnily enough. They do have a dorsal fin but unlike the Seahorse, they do not have pectoral fin. They

for obvious reasons this wrasse is also called the Humphead wrasse and you are likely to see one diving around the dive sites in Dahab – despite it being on the WWF’s endangered list around Africa. Due to the wrasse having a late sexual maturity: 5-7 years, they are protogynous hermaphrodites meaning some females become