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Masbat Bay
South Sinai, Egypt

Phone (mobile): +201227498129; Whatsapp: +201016647624;

Our opening hours

8:30 to 18:00h Monday to Sunday


About Booking & Accommodation


The sooner the better to get the best rates! But even if you show up at the counter, we can normally sort out all your diving within the hour. Best if we know if you require a specific language manual/instructor beforehand so that we can be prepared.


There are a few places in Dahab we recommend based on your needs and the budget you have in mind. Just send us a message with the information needed and we'll let you know what is available. Accommodation ranges from 5 star hotels to Bedouin style camps to our own villas, some located just behind the dive centre and other about a 5 min drive.


We do not require a deposit or payment upfront. Bills are generally settled a day before your last day diving as the ATMs can be quite temperamental in Dahab!

About Your Arrival


Sharm el Sheikh airport is welcoming daily/weekly direct flights from England (through Easy-Jet, Thomson, Monarch, Egyptair), Belgium (Jetairfly, Turkish Airlines), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich). Non-direct flights come through Cairo with Egyptair.


We are happy to arrange transfers to and from Sharm el Sheikh airport for you! Give us a call or send us a mail.


We're right in the heart of Dahab's main bay – called Masbat Bay. We have three dive sites right on our door step: Lighthouse Reef, Mashraba and Bannerfish Bay. Bannerfish Bay’s easy entry is on our doorstep, with Lighthouse and Mashraba being a close two minute walk away.

About Egypt


Upon arrival at Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, you will be asked if you need a "Sinai only" visa or a "full Egypt" one. If you plan on staying in Sinai (Sharm El Sheikh/Dahab/Nuweiba/Taba) then you only need the Sinai one. If you plan on visiting Cairo, going to any National Parks (Diving the S.S Thistlegorm or Ras Mohamed) or crossing any borders then you need the "Full Egypt" one at 25 USD/person.


There are 3 medical facilities in Dahab, all between a 5-10 min drive from the town centre. House calls are also available and pharmacies are not hard to find. Most medication is brought off the shelf without a prescription needed. Best tip we can give you when travelling to Egypt in to stay away from raw greens, ice and remember to drink A LOT of water! You'll need it!


Livre Egyptienne (L.E) – Egyptian Pound - Guinea is the local currency. However, EUROS, USD and GBP are accepted almost everywhere.

About Dahab


Dahab is a very relaxed and laid back town situated 90 km north of the Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. There is a lot to do here – most travelers come for the diving while others to wind surf, kite surf, rock climb and simply unwind! There are also relaxing trips to Castle Zaman, desert expeditions to the different canyons, St.Catherine's Monastery, Mount Moses or you can have a Bedouin dinner and star gaze – beautiful! The main beach promenade is full of different restaurants, bars, bazaars and little Bedouin girls selling handmade bracelets. Ladies – leave your make up and high heels are home – you are not going to need them here!


It depends on what you are after! We have divers here all year round… Some prefer it in the winter when it's not too warm and not too much touristic. Others love our dry heat and come for the summer and go home with a great tan!


During the winter, the air temperature is around 18-20 C and the water about the same. In the summer months, Air temperature reaches 40 C easily and the water around 29 C. Luckily, it's hardly ever humid here so we barely break a sweat even when it's THAT warm!

About Diving


Upon arrival at the dive centre, you will be asked to fill out a customer record. Among the paper work involved are some liability releases (for courses and guided dives) as well as a PADI Medical Statement. You will be asked to fill in the questionnaire with a full 'YES' or 'NO'. If there is a 'YES' on any of the medical conditions, we call in a diving physician to do a quick check up and make sure you are fit to dive. If you know you have a condition that requires a check up, call in to your physician before your trip to get his approval for diving.


We have all the gear you need for rent. However, it's usually more comfortable for you to have your own mask that you know fits you well. Also, if you wear glasses, a good idea would be to either get some contact lenses or a prescription mask.


There are 4 dive shops only a 5 min. walk from the dive centre so if you are interested in purchasing your own gear, grab one of the H2O team members and go shopping!


You don’t NEED it but it is a good idea to have it! Some insurances are specific to diving emergencies and usually give great cover any place in the world.


Yes – We have digital cameras with the option of photo and video. These cameras have a specific underwater housing and are available for rent. If you would like one of our instructors to take professional photos of you on guided dives (not on courses!) or teach you how to use your camera, that can also be easily arranged.


Yes – we normally have great offers for groups and love to tailor our trips based on your needs, whether courses, fun dives or dive safaris. Send us an email with what you have in mind and we would be happy to accommodate you.


There are quite a few sites that are 'snorkeling friendly' in Dahab and you are more than welcome to join on most of the boat trips and even the shore dives. The instructor in charge of your group will be able to tell you if the weather conditions permit as well as the entry and exit points.


We offer all core PADI and SDI recreational courses, as well as nearly 20 specialties (deep, photography, nitrox, self-reliant, sidemount, and much more - enquire via email). We also offer Reef Check EcoDiver courses, marine- oriented dives (no certification) and fluorescent night dives (no certification). If you want to go Tec, we can offer all TDI technical courses from diver level to instructor level (including gas blending) and all Padi TecRec diver courses. We can cater for other needs like free-diving, snorkelling and more.

About Dive Courses


If you have never been diving or snorkeling before, it's best to start with a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD). This is usually a good ice-breaker and actually the first day of the Open Water Course so if you enjoy it, you can simply go on to the following day. For those of you who have done introductory dives or DSDs before, it's time to get your Open Water done! IF you are confused about what course to do next and what options you have – Please send us an inquiry and one of our team members will be able to answer all your questions.


As of 8 years old, we can do a bubble maker course where you can get a good taster of the underwater world (maximum depth – 2 meters). As for the PADI Courses, you can begin your underwater adventure as of age 10!


Ages 15+ - you will be certified to a maximum depth of 18 metres diving with a buddy.

Ages 12-14 – As a Junior Open Water Diver, you will be certified to 18 metres and after, have to dive with an adult.

Ages 10-11: Also junior Open Water, you will be certified to dive to 12 metres maximum depth with a PADI professional or a parent/guardian


The Advanced Open Water course can be done back to back with your Open Water course but it's best to consult with your instructor if they feel you are ready or would be better off doing a few more guided dives before taking on the new course.


With our permanent team, we offer all courses in English, French, German, Dutch and Arabic. If you require any other language, let us know and we can sort it out for you


The Open Water course normally takes 3-4 days if you haven’t done the PADI e-learning. If the theory was done online, we can easily complete the course in 3 days.


It's a plus if you are, but you don’t need to be a champ! We need you to be able to swim 200 meters comfortably.


We operate 365 days a year so send us an email and let us know when you are coming! If you want to spend more time in the water and less time in the classroom, sign up for the PADI E-Learning program!