Blondes Go Tech at H2O

Deep Dahab and Blondes Go Tec

two articles featuring H2O in Sport Diver UK magazine.

In December 2012, diving journalist and photographer Stuart Philpott made a two weeks visit to H2O/Tec Diving Dahab to write two articles for the diving magazine Sport Diver UK.

The first article, “Deep Dahab” came out in April 2013 and featured Tec diver Jaimie Browne on the front cover of the magazine. Stuart had wanted to explore dive sites in Dahab were it was possible to make 60 meters deep dives on trimix for some time, and when he met Sam during the Dahab Festival in April 2012, he thought the time had come. They made plans to hit four of Dahab’s top tec sites: Little Canyon (Abu Telha), The Canyon, The Bells and the Arch (Blue Hole).

At the same time Stuart was working on another article on the PADI Tec40-45 course featuring blonde female divers going Tec, which Sam was teaching at the same time. All the four dives went to plan with Jaimie making sure the run-times were followed correctly and the H2O team supporting the logistics. Stuart is planning to come back later this year to explore Dahab’s deep dive sites even deeper (80 m), so another challenge to look forward to.

Juggling around with different photo shoots at the same time was quite an experience for all of us since Laura and Jenny were modelling for the second article, which is coming out in this month’s issue (June 2013). Having to meet two completely different dive objectives in the same dive, taking a 4 people shot hovering inside the Blue Hole at 40 m, and donning suits and twinsets at 6 in the morning for a sunrise photo shoot, are ones of the few memorable moments of these two weeks. We’re looking forward to see you again Stuart!

Read online the full article from Stuart Philpott 'Girls Go Tec' on SCUBAVERSE

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