Abu Helal / Abu Telha


Can be found just south of the Canyon. This divesite is a favourite at H2O and only accessible at high tide. One of the most beautiful and colourful coral gardens in Sinai, the entrance is through a small lagoon. The site can be dived left (or as a drift to Abu Helal) or right and at any depth although the best corals are in 5-20m. It is the only shore diving site where you can find juvenile Red Tooth Triggerfish, sometimes in great numbers. For Tec divers, there is another “Little Canyon” lying at a depth of 40 with chambers dropping down to 105 meters. This dive is suitable for trimix tec divers. Abu Helal is located south of abu Telha, the entrance is via a 10 m deep lagoon created by a crescent shaped reef that opens onto a coral wall dropping to a small Canyon at 30 m. Turtles, Stingrays and Stonefish can be found occasionally.

Abu Telha, Dahab
Abu Helal, Dahab
Dahab Dive Sites - Abu Helal and Abu Telha
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