Bannerfish Bay


Our House Reef and favourite divesite, named after the Bannerfish cruising the bay by day and by night, and a site rich in different habitats and sea life. From seagrass hosting Seahorses and Turtles, sandy slopes full of Flounders, ghost Pipefish, Seamoths and Frogfishes to mini reefs rich in biodiversity (Octopus, Morays and a large variety of Shrimps and Scorpionfish). A must for beginners as well as experienced divers, marine biologist fanatics and photographers. The bay also offers great training sites with sand patches and a buoyancy park for advanced training. Most marine biology and Reef Check courses are done in Bannerfish Bay, because there’s nowhere else that’s better.

H2O Divers Dahab house reef, Bannerfish Bay
Frogfish at Bannerfish Bbay Dahab
Fish ball at Bannerfish Bay Dahab
Dahab Dive Sites - Bannerfish Bay
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