Southern Oasis


Golden Blocks and Moray Garden are two dive sites that can be done separately or combined as a drift. Moray Garden is the main dive site of the Southern Oasis, right in front the chilled-out beach restaurants. This usually shallow and easy dive alternates between big and small pinnacles, sand and sea grass patches, sometimes hosting Seahorses. Morays, Nudibranchs, torpedo Rays, Green Turtles, schooling Squids and giant Pufferfish are quite common. Golden Blocks is named after large golden pinnacles near the entry. If you drop down to 25 meters you will find a large Gorgonian. You can enter and exit either of these dive sites. There are more sightings of whale sharks during these shore dives than any other.

Turtle at Moray Garden Dahab
Whale Shark at Moray Garden Dahab
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