Questions about Freediving in Dahab?


H2O Apnea is able to offer coaching and training courses in the growing sport of freediving. With the use of minimal equipment students are able to train their own bodies to be able to go longer and deeper on one single breath of air. How relaxed you can get is the real key to the sport. Dahab is famous for its deep dive sites such as Blue Hole & Lighthouse foot step off the shore, where you're able to get all of our training with us in a stress-free environment.

At H2O Apnea We teach the most established learning framework of Freediving from AIDA (International Association of Development of Freediving). From AIDA 1* to 4* courses and now our own AIDA instructor course. Since the AIDA Education system is based on a gradual progression both in performance, in-water ability but also in theoretical knowledge, each course builds on the knowledge you learned in the previous level.


AIDA 1* is a one day course designed to give you a taste of Freediving. Find out what Freediving is really about. You can enter the AIDA education ladder either at the AIDA 1* or 2* level depending on your experience level in the water. The AIDA education ladder is not just about achieving depth


AIDA 2* is a two and a half day course designed to give you a full outline of what Freediving is all about. It includes four of the disciplines of Freediving Static, Dynamic, free immersion and constant weight. Each day is split into two classroom sessions and two in water sessions were you get to


AIDA 3* is a four day course designed to continue your Freediving education, whilst allowing you to gain more experience in Freediving. The course consists of three pool sessions and four open water sessions along with the next level of theory allowing you to understand some of the more advanced Freediving skills. To successfully complete


AIDA 4* is a four day course designed to develop your Freediving in both the theory and practical sides of Freediving.  The qualification will allow you to become an assistant instructor, enabling you to assist a qualified instructor in running courses.  Three in-depth theory sessions are combined with three pool sessions along with four open


AIDA Instructor Course is a minimum ten day course that does not actually teach you how to Freedive.  The course teaches you how to teach Freediving and how to coach students along the AIDA framework to allow them to get their best performances and improvements to their own Freediving.  This course can be completed in


Additionally tailor-made coaching or training days are available if you are planning to increase your depth, dynamic length or breathhold or just want to practice or develop your Freediving outside of a course.