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****We are VERY excited to finally announce our big news****

H2O Divers have teamed up with top design company OxyMoreOn to bring you what we hope – will revolutionise the way that technical divers view equipment.

After a conversation at EuroTek2016 about how technical divers can sometimes feel left out by manufacturers compared to the recreational market; we got our thinking caps on. We surveyed 100+ technical divers and the overwhelming consensus was so – they wanted a Nitrox compatible snorkel.
Resembling the original snorkel design from the US Navy, EARS (Enriched Air Respiratory System) features a 42cm black graphite tube with a 2.45cm bore, a reservoir well at the end with a non-return purge valve for easy clearing and a soft moldable mouthpiece for your comfort.

So how does the Nitrox-feature work? From the reservoir a manually operated spindle valve activates a membrane absorbent located in a canister midway along the stem of the snorkel, a device that filters unwanted CO2 from the mix and adds in the necessary O2 from the air. Unlike recreational snorkels, EARS has an open-side containing the micro-chip sensor device that automatically switches the mix.

We have managed to develop successfully EARS and it is now compatible for up to 40% Nitrox and we are working on this technology to enable us to properly introduce it to the technical diver market with 50% and 100% available soon. We hope that by the end of 2018 we can work together to bring a Helium based gas to the design and in the future – a twin hose mouthpiece for use with CCRs

Available from summer 2017 – black, green and yellow colours