Self-reliant / Solo Diving

Self-Reliant / Solo Diving

Solo/self-reliant diving with H2O: what is it? Who is it for?

Self-Reliant/Solo Diving has recently become more and more popular with the growth of other diving activities like deep diving, tech diving and side mount diving. With the introduction of having a redundant air source, spare mask, spare computer, etc., divers are becoming more independent underwater.

Diving organizations thrive on being conservative and safe but never mention what one does if their buddy is not as disciplined or as safe as you are. With your Self-Reliant/Solo Diver certification, you are your own buddy! You can still enjoy diving with your friends, but you also have the option of diving solo with the skills and drills you will learn on this course.

Who can do solo/self-reliant diving? Well, it’s not for everybody! Just because you are an experienced diver doesn’t make you a good solo diver. We’re not going to let you jump in the water and hope everything is ok with you – you first will be assessed by your instructor to make sure you are physically and mentally fit and have the proper training and number of dives required. Then you will learn the techniques to cover potential risks while diving alone,  and everything about dive planning and gas management.

Whether you are a diving professional, underwater photographer, videographer, enjoy doing longer dives than your average buddy, or never plan on diving on your own but would like the extra knowledge and see the benefits of it, this might be the course for you. At H2O we understand the value of solo-diving, so contact us if you are interested!


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