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Fun with Deco Stops

Dahab Tech


We are lucky in Dahab to have easy access to deep depths for technical training and dive sites. Some sites have amazing features inaccessible for sports divers – such as the Blue Hole Arch starting at 54m or the Canyon where you can exit at 52m and drop down to Neptune’s Cave at 75m. Apart from those two famous ones, we have several others; Tiger House, Abu Helal/Tehla Canyons, Lighthouse Finger Reef and Three Valleys to name a few.

Technical Diving


Are you a tech instructor that wants to bring your own group to dive in the warm waters of the Red Sea? At H2O we have premier technical facilities for visiting instructors; blending pannels for Helium and Oxygen mixes, booster, sofnalime, analysers, dedicated Sidemount cylinders and a separate area to keep your CCR, twinset or sidemount kit

TDI Technical Diving in Dahab with H2O



Technical guided dives in Dahab & Sharm.

All our equipment is from established companies – Apeks, OMS, Halcyon,X-Deep and maintained to the highest standards.

We offer complete technical diving packages, for divers of all experience levels.

Enquiries & Bookings _
Dahab Dive Sites_
TDI Courses with H2O Divers Dahab


We are a TDI Professional Development Centre and provide a full range of courses from Intro to Tech as a beginner technical diver to Advanced Trimix Instructor with CCR courses to boot. We believe in adapting the courses to you so you study at your pace in your style of learning.

Enquiries & Bookings _

TDI Professional Development Centre


Learn the fundamentals of technical diving; perfecting buoyancy, body positioning and finning techniques whilst learning the elements of diving in a twinset


If you haven’t already got your Nitrox cert then we can start with this, learning how to use Nitrox mixtures up to EAN40 with the appropriate EAD calculations using Dalton’s Triangle


This qualifies you to use Nitrox up to 100% Oxygen to a maximum depth of 40m. It can be used in place of a Deep Specialty course although having the Deep Spec is not equal to this course as we need to prepare using Oxygen for accelerated decompression


Both courses qualify you to 45m with planned decompression stops. We have amazingly clear, warm waters here at depth but if you’re diving in different conditions Helitrox might be better to prevent narcosis


55m is the deepest you can dive on air without pushing the Oxygen Toxicity limit (depending on conditions and narcosis factors) Trimix will qualify you to 60m with a minimum O2 of 18%


We have perfect sites in Dahab to be able to take you to serious depth in the calmest conditions. The pinnace of tech courses, this certifies you to 100m, which we’ll build towards to ensure you’re the most prepared you can be


Learn to competently and safely blend Nitrox and Trimix . After covering academic subjects including responsibilities of the gas blender, oxygen handling and gas production equipment and oxygen analyzing, you will demonstrate proficiency in blending nitrox.


At H2O , we have all TDI Courses available at Diver and also at Instructor levels .

CCR Rebreathers in Dahab with H2O


The future of diving. Closed Circuit Rebreathers recycle the gas you breath, allowing you to stay down for longer. The lack of bubbles is perfect for photographers and nature lovers who want to take advantage of silent diving. For those who want to go deeper, they will notice a significant reduction in their helium bill!

Enquiries & Bookings _
Rebreather - CCR Training facility


Level one for recreational divers. Learn the fundamentals of your rebreather unit, learning everything you’ll need to execute 30m no deco diving


Level one for tech divers, or 1.5 for those who’ve done their air diluent course. This certificate allows you to complete decompression dives to 40m (air dil) or 45m (helitrox).


For those who want to go deeper! This course certifies you to 60m. Want to do the famous Arch at the Blue Hole? Then this is the level you’ll be aiming for!


The course rebreathers were made for! During this course we’ll teach you to use hypoxic mixes in your CCR, slowly building up depth to a maximum of 100m


the human diver


This is a 2 day, dry course which will teach you all about Human Factors, giving you the tools to make doing the right thing easier, and doing the wrong thing harder. We’ll look at how you can create a shared “mental model” with your dive team. Ever wished you could learn to read someone’s mind? This is about as close as you will get!



The combination of this 2 courses together is the perfect foundation in technical diving
The Arch at Blue Hole is without doubt the most famous technical dive site in Dahab.
H2O Divers Dahab Logo