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Dahab 2015… The first of three visits

Here’s our first guest blog by Jake Ellwood

Evening all,

I just returned back from a 16 day trip to my favourite place of all…Dahab, Egypt.

And what a trip it was! Nothing but laughter and catching up with friends, diving most days and soaking up the glorious weather…well, mostly glorious. About 95% of the time anyway 😉

It’s difficult to put into words what I want to truly express, say just how much I really needed this trip, how much good this did me…you get the picture. This trip was everything I needed it be, and more.

So much so, whilst I was there I booked flights to go back in July for my birthday, oops!

First up is a set of photos taken by me, I borrowed a lens off a friend of mine for the Olympus. It’s a 9-18mm f/4.0 – it’s absolutely perfect for this kind of photography.

Whilst I was there I decided to book myself in for a TDI Extended Range with Entry Level Trimix course, taking my qualified depth down to 60M. Quite the increase! And quite the challenge as well. I found the course challenging, yet exciting. It was a nice change to have my diving skills and ability tested rather than “jump in, go for a dive, come back” lazy routine I’d got myself in to.

Happy Jake

The skill circuits that were run, greatly increased not only my own confidence but also my personal skill level. They were cleverly designed to test but not stress us, yet at the same time implementing what would quickly become instinctive reactions, if the need should ever rise.

Throughout the week we were taught more extensive planning along with visiting gradually greater depths and eventually crossing off two dive sites which are on every divers ‘big list’ the famous Arch at the Blue Hole, and the Full Canyon. By the end of the week I felt that my diving had improved significantly and had become confident to happily plan and execute my own dives to the aforementioned depths.

Finally, I could not have done this course (or indeed had such an awesome holiday) without the guys from H2O Divers Dahab

Only one way to end this post and thats by saying…roll on July people, Dahab… I’ll be back for more…


Check www.jacobellwood.co.uk for the original

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